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Poker. It is the best poker platform for beginners and experienced poker players. In our study section and the poker strategy manual, you will find everything you need to successfully enter the online poker world. Texas Hold'em is the most popular online gambling game, and thousands of people in the country regularly enjoy the excitement and entertainment provided by online poker sites

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The basic game guide on Texas Hold'em, Omaha Poker and many other poker games. A poker school that provides rules and strategies for beginners and entertainers. You need to learn everything about poker online: welcome bonuses, deposit methods and from the best online More reviews on the poker site Online poker bonus codes 

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You are a reputable source of poker on the Internet. Our editorial team is made up of poker experts who are well-known in the online and online poker fields. Now, they use their comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience to help gamblers. So here you will find basic content, such as game descriptions and rules, as well as expertise in the form of poker strategy and CasinoSlots expert tips
But this is not all. We handle the online poker scene every day and keep you up to date. Is there a new poker website available for German players? How do some poker sites compare to other providers? Can gamblers use a new convenient banking service? Does the provider make his welcome bonus more attractive? Do I have to specify a new online poker bonus code? Is it possible to get an exclusive freeroll from a supplier? What is the legal situation regarding online poker? Will I need to pay taxes on my profits in the future? All of this and more can be found exclusively on Poker CasinoSlots from reliable sources.

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Through the following test, you will find the online poker CasinoSlots website that exactly meets your expectations in 3 steps. Click the most interesting test option, and then we will recommend the page that suits you best.

The 8 best sites for players in the test

Your reputable source of online poker In our review of the poker room, you can definitely find all the information you want to know about a particular page. Compact and full of insider knowledge, we introduce you to many recommended providers and analyze their software, game products, bonus plans, customer service, and the seriousness, caution, and security you enjoy with the providers.We will check all the players' offers and determine the best addresses in order to be able to recommend them to you. Our reviews will help you quickly find an online poker site CasinoSlots that fully meets your needs. Full Tilt Iron Poker Party PokerPokerStars Ladbrokes

Blacklisted poker sites: You should avoid these providers


In our test of poker sites, we not only found famous online poker providers, but also found sites that we do not recommend. For some virtual poker rooms, the problem is so serious that we have to blacklist it. For the bidders in this list, you should have a lot of profit.

Play better with these strategies and tips

When getting information on the spot and online poker scene, poker is the first address for poker friends. Our readers benefit from our extensive expertise and rich editing experience, and through our research and analysis, we have found that not only provide players with the best online poker services, but also through Texas Hold'em and many other games Variants and their selection of important skills and strategies for strategic game improvement and successful poker.   

Poker hands

Before even starting to study the rules of Texas Hold'em more carefully, you should get used to the value of the hand. Here you can find all information about poker players

Texas Hold'em Poker

   In this guide, you will find the poker rules of the most popular game variants. Especially for Texas Hold'em players, here is a good overview and interesting information.

     Poker strategies strategy

   Here are some key poker strategies: Bl bluff, leaf protection, positioning, pot odds, pot control, value betting, etc.
     Live tournaments
     Live Poker Tournaments


If you want to participate in a live poker tournament, here are all the expert strategies and tips you should consider for success.

That's what you can expect on online poker sites

Because for many gamblers, visiting a state-owned casino is usually accompanied by a long journey, and you can only gamble poker in good condition in a few land-based casinos, so almost all players concentrate on the Internet. Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious gambler, you can enjoy many advantages on the online poker site

    Play for real money around the clock

There is no opening time for online poker sites, so you can play against players from around the world 24/7.

    Huge game selection

With online poker providers, you can not only play many different poker games, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Draw, Stud Poker, Badugi and mixed games, but also play fast cash games, sit and play and dozens of different Types of competition have different levels of participation.


    Online Poker Bonus


Unlike land-based casinos, you can rely on the online poker room to regularly check the status of funds and sacrifice the value of the house with high welcome bonuses and many other grants.

    Convenient and secure payment

Our recommended poker venues provide Germany with many recognized and safe different deposit methods. With most of these banking options, you can transfer any Euro amount from your bank account to the poker room in seconds, and then start playing real money games immediately. 
    Aids allowed

Unlike real-time poker games, when playing games online, you can use many different poker tools to increase your chances of winning, or at least you can analyze and improve your game In all these aspects, we explain you in more detail on poker. We analyze the game offer of each casino and check the bonus conditions and the number of players for various welcome bonuses. Therefore, before you sign up to join a specific provider to play games on the Internet, we make sure that you know exactly what you are doing.In addition, we will introduce the various payment methods that are common on poker sites and introduce you to various poker tools that can help you in certain situations.
    Poker is an exciting and entertaining game. Learn about game variations and strategies on our sites and win big at online poker!

Tips for beginners and advanced

Beginner and advanced poker tips But, of course, we are not only focusing on online poker. Our editors also have many years of experience in participating in the world's most important live poker events and sharing knowledge. In addition to the game manual for all popular poker games and more exotic variants, Poker also provides many tips from experts to help you improve the game. Take a closer look at our strategy and poker basics page There may be an important tip waiting for you, but you missed the tip to take your game to a new level. Taking into account our suggestions, many of our experienced ordinary readers can play a greater success and obtain higher profits.

Which game variants are offered on poker sites?

Most online poker games are Texas Hold'em games. The reason is simply because this is the most popular variant of poker. Unlimited is the most commonly used variant. But they will also find pot limits and fixed limits among all good providers. On most poker sites, you can also find Omaha and Omaha high / low games in three different restriction variants. Some of the lesser-known variants often exist only in the largest Chinese face poker.

Do you have to play for real money on poker sites?


Although many poker fans believe that only real money games can give poker real appeal, you can play all the games on the poker site we recommend for making money. But you can only win money. Sometimes online poker sites also offer free tournaments. On these platforms, you can participate completely for free, but still get cash rewards. For some free games, you can even get tickets for higher-level tournaments or satellite games.

Do profits have to be taxed?

In this regard, as with other professional groups, a clear distinction is made between casual athletes who do not tax bonuses and professional athletes who must pay bonus taxes. In other words, unless you account for a large portion of your income in poker, you do not have to pay taxes on your income.

Can I also play with the mobile device?

Yes, almost every online poker site today must have a mobile poker game. Therefore, in our recommended online poker room, various downloadable applications and instant play versions are available through mobile browsers. The biggest offer is for Android phones, such as Samsung, LG or Sony phones. However, there are also iPhones for the iOS operating system, and occasionally for the Windows Phone operating system Casino Apps. You can play cards in many poker venues using all Internet-enabled mobile phones in your browser.

Can I play for euros ?

You can deposit and withdraw euros in all of our recommended online poker sites without worrying about conversion rates. In addition, in some online poker rooms, you can also find tournaments and cash games played in Euros on CasinoSlots. However, most online poker games are still offered in US dollars. The good news is that all conversions are done automatically at the current exchange rate. This way you can focus on the game.

At what age is it possible to play online poker for real money ?

Once you reach the adult age of Germany, that is, you have reached the age of 18, you can play the real euro on the Internet.

Where do you find the best poker sites ?


The poker experts of our editorial team test various online providers daily to determine the best poker room. Through elaborate test procedures, we are here to present the test results to you in the form of a test report and a list at the top of the poker site. We feel different. Therefore, if you want to find the best provider, CasinoSlots should always be your first point of contact.

How to get the best online poker bonuses?


To find the best bonus, please check our bonus website on CasinoSlots We have reviewed various bonus offers and poker room bonus conditions, and recommended people with the best bonus plans.

Which pages have the largest player base?

In 2019, PokerStars remains the industry leader, with more than half of online poker players in Europe gambling in this poker room to earn real money. But iPoker Network and CasinoSlots also have a huge player base.

Are the recommended pages safe?

Poker only recommends poker sites that have gambling licenses in EU member states and can be legally gambling through EU laws. In addition, all sites we recommend to you are reviewed and certified by independent organizations, so we can guarantee that no fraudulent software is used to manipulate the poker table Random dispensers, and no suppliers-normal users who work as super users should be stolen.

Is cheated on online poker?

Well-known online poker providers can ensure the safety of their sites. Special software ensures that no player can obtain illegal benefits from others. Independent organizations (such as eCOGRA or game labs) are responsible for controlling suppliers, checking the random number generators of games and analyzing gameplay for a long time. Only the homepage of the poker room that is done correctly will be marked with the organization's seal.

Test: Online poker real money sites with up to € 2,000 bonus

Real money poker is the biggest and most important step in becoming a serious poker player. Changing from playing money to real money poker is not an easy task, because suddenly, you are no longer just for points but just to make money. Real money poker on the internet Real money online poker In this article, we want to explain to you how poker works with real money and give you a little fear of stepping into real money games. Finally, everything is relatively simple, you can spend a lot of money to play with very little money.

Of course, you can just go to the nearest casino to play real money poker, but the stakes there are not low. In most cases, you must deposit at least 100 Euros, if you are just beginning to play poker seriously, it is too high. On the other hand, on the Internet, you can start with the disappeared amount and then play for a few cents or less. Starting with the right poker, these are the right bets. We will tell you which website is best for real money poker. Try on CasinoSlots


Is online poker legal for real money ?


Can I play poker with real money? Real money online poker has been provided and operated for more than 15 years. All the pages listed above have been approved by the European Union and are subject to European law. For years, the court has been arguing about the legal status of online poker. The current status is: Germany does not grant licenses for online poker sites, but recognizes EU licenses. This means that it is now legal to play on the poker sites we listed.

The tax does not apply to the vast majority of poker players in Germany. In Germany, poker is considered a game of chance, so no taxes are required. Only when you make a living by playing poker will income tax be levied on the bonus.

How to Get Best at Real Money Poker?

You chose the first poker site and made some money, and you can start an online real money poker adventure now. How should you start? Almost all poker sites now offer more or less extensive introductions and guide you through different games and changes. Rewards are awarded for hand cards or tournaments that have been played. As a beginner, you can basically make no mistakes. Just take part in the introduction program on the poker website and become familiar with the software.

Which games are good for beginners?

You have completed the tutorial on the poker site and hope you have some money left in your account. Now you are seriously starting to start the game with real money. Only, which game variant makes the most sense? Cash games? Fast poker? game? Sit down and walk? Sit down and play poker with real money Instant tournament: 9 players, one game, let's go!

For novice players, very few players participate in the game is a good way to take the first step of real poker. The stakes are limited (that is, you cannot lose too much), and you will get a lot of poker with realistic odds.

Many sites offer so-called jackpots. These guarantee that even low stakes can bring astronomical benefits, sometimes as high as one million dollars. However, if you really want to play poker, then these tournaments are not the best for you. The chance of a high jackpot is very small, and the cost of these tournaments is too high. Moreover, these games are too fast to play poker seriously.
It is best to have an ordinary disposable game with 6 to 40 players. These provide a complete poker program and are relatively easy to learn. The Harrington books on Holdem 1 and 2 explain well (even if they are a bit old), what strategic basics should be considered and how to continue to defeat these tournaments. Real money cash games Real money poker cash game table

Cash games with real money

Of course, you can also start with a cash game. As long as you take the minimum, sit at your table. You should avoid using alignment tables or scaling tables at the beginning. These are tables where the game runs very fast. After passing, you will be randomly placed in a new table. For beginners, these super-fast tables are quite confusing, and you do n’t have a chance to adapt to your opponent, because every hand has a novice. Start with a regular cash game table, play as tightly and restraint as possible, and then you should almost automatically win with a minimum.

Tournaments as an introduction to play for real money

Large tournaments attract hundreds of thousands of players, even if not hundreds of thousands of players, they can get a considerable purchase fee for a considerable amount of money. Championships are usually very friendly to beginners, because you can only lose buyin, but there is a chance to win a lot. However, the problem with tournaments is that no matter how good you are, you must have a lot of luck to get into the front row and get huge profits. In most cases, even if you are a very good player, you are out early.

Therefore, learning tournament poker through games is very difficult. Even beginners often play real money for poker, which is certainly true, but as a beginner, you should mainly focus on other variations.


Real money poker with starting credit

Only a few poker companies have real money bonuses that do not have deposits, so a free initial credit line is provided. Usually, these poker offers with activation credits are not very good bonuses. Usually, you will only get a few tickets for the game, and without further ado, you will not be able to pay off the prize. As a player, when you want to play for real money, you should be prepared to spend it.

Online Poker Real Money Bonus No Deposit


Most poker providers use so-called tournament bonuses as bonuses. This means that for every Euro (and sometimes more) paid, a Euro bonus is credited. However, you must deposit as a player. As mentioned in the previous paragraph (real money poker with a starting credit limit), it is already common for players to no longer give players no deposit bonus. On CasinoSlots, there are still $ 8 tickets for new players, but this bonus is difficult to clear. If you want to play real money poker, you should be prepared to pay at least 50 Euros. If you play a small number of games, this sum is more than enough.

PokerStars Real Money - Poker for real money at the industry leader


PokerStars is still the largest online real money poker provider. Most online players have an account at PokerStars, and at least occasionally participate in tournaments or a round of cash games at PokerStars. On the special PokerStars page, we explained the exact operation of PokerStars real money bonuses, tips to note, and the role they play: »PokerStars real money

Zynga Poker for real money?

We have received time and time again questions about whether Zynga Poker can play real money games. First, the short answer: No: Zynga Poker cannot be played with real money. Zynga Poker Real Money No Zynga real money poker Zynga Poker is a social game developed by Zynga. It is an application for social networking sites Facebook, Android and iPhone. With more than 80 million players, Zynga Poker is the world's largest poker website.
The game allows Facebook players to play Texas Hold'em Poker in a social gaming environment. The user enters the casino lobby and can play at any table or with friends. Players can choose between casual tables, tournament games or VIP tables. Leaderboards show players how they compare with other players in chip rankings and allow players to send or receive gifts.

Zynga can buy new chips with real money, but you can't exchange chips for real money. You can't play games for money, just for fun.

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